Monday, August 23, 2010

Views on my road...

Down the drive...

and onto the road...

the farm field behind me...

then further down the road..

is the next farm...

with two nice ponds..

the farm right behind my property...

where I back up to the farm...
(click to enlarge. See the line of young trees? Well, those big un's right behind is where we butt)

back home again.
Just a small view from my world.


  1. Nice! How nice that you're able to drive home through the country.

    My world looks very suburban, except at least there is a giant volcano mountain (Mt. Hood) in the view, which in the autumn is spectacular, and I never tire of it.

    Way better'n Florida!

  2. Oh what lovely GREEN countryside! Your place looks lovely but must take a lot of time to do all that mowing. It is a lovely part of the world that you live in. Aren't you lucky?

  3. My favourite trip of all is the road home!