Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shane the Ruler.....

He's our little teddy bear who quietly rules the roost not by force, only by observing. He keeps an eye on all that is around him.
He's a prime example that rescue really does work.
We adopted him at the young age of 10. He is pushing 15 now and still healthy as ever. When Shane came home to us he was grossly overweight, petrified of men, and bit everyone who came near him. A little patience, a little training, lots of love and TLC turned this dog around. It took about a year or so, but, he's in a very happy, secure place.
He makes no bones about being the life of the party now. Everyone needs to give him a hello and a hiny scratch. Once he's become aquainted with everyone, he goes back to just laying nearby and observing. Afterall, that's his job. Ruling the roost. And a grand job he does.

*This is a photo that was turned into a "painting" using Photoshop*


  1. What is it with dogs and bum scratches? Frankie is my first dog, and I had no idea bum scratches were as essential to his health and happiness as food, water and B-A-L-L-S. We'd had him for two years before a stranger on a pier waiting for a ferry made friends with him in 3 seconds flat with just a little scratching in the right place.

    Shane must marvel at how his life turned around when he joined your family!

  2. Gorgeous animal. :)
    All our pets are rescues or shelter pets.

  3. A perfect fit... you saved him and he rules the roost.
    It takes a special person to accept a creature be it cat, dog or pot-bellied pig that may not be perfect into their home and share their lives forever.
    He is a handsome fellow.
    Susan x

  4. How lovely for him to at last have found someone to love him and I bet he loves you too. He looks a picture of health. Good on you .

  5. Oh Toni, what a handsome boy your Shane is!!!!! You know how I love stories like this and how much I admire people like you who open your heart and home to an older pup by seeing past what's in front of you at the time and see what's in their heart and soul--What a difference you have made for your precious Shane!!

  6. How sweet. I don't know how old Sissy is but I have had her since November and I know she is old. She was like Shane; afraid of everyone.

  7. I have met only one dog in my thus-far lifetime that didn't like a butt scratching- he had issues with his read end- but every other dog has. Rufus would rock from one leg to the other when scratched back there.

    Good for you for turning Shane into a happy boy!