Sunday, August 8, 2010


Yesterday I harvested some of the herbs from the garden for drying. In the basket is lemon thyme, lemon balm, rosemary, white sage, and a few sprigs of lavender.

So, I gathered the tools needed to bundle the herbs for drying. Not much is needed - just a few simple tools. By the way, the glass of wine is mandatory for this job, just so you know.

A few wraps with the twine and your herbs are ready to hang and dry. I did incorporate the lavender into the white sage for a sage stick to burn.

Here are the four little bundles I put together hanging in the kitchen doorway to dry.
I've got plenty more to harvest, so, I see more herb bundles drying in my kitchen, sending their wafty scents throughout.
It's a good thing.


  1. I need to find a class to teach me how to use herbs. Though hubby is more a salt and pepper man, with the occasional use of chili powder. :O

    And wine gives me a headache. :/

  2. What a great idea to hang them inside--The best kind of air-freshener!!

  3. It certainly is a good thing! I can imagine the scent when they first go up. Isn't it a pity your nose gets used to smells after a while and although they are still there you don't get the full blast any more?

  4. If you can't drink wine, martinis are always good for little fun chores...

    Been hanging mint and oregano. Need to do more. Gotta can some stuff first, though...

  5. I've finally got to your blog, it's gorgeous and you have reminded (and inspired) me to harvest my own herbs. The glass of wine is a great accroutrement (sp?).
    Love the Freud quote at the top.
    I will be back.