Thursday, May 27, 2010

The sound of things popping up......

Flowers and vegetables are popping up everywhere around the homestead and I for one am very grateful for each and every last one of them.
The roses fill my kitchen with their lovely soft scent and make me stop for a moment in my passing to appreciate their beauty.

My yarrow plant is huge this year. The top of the fence rail is 4 1/2 feet. I can't wait to see all the lovely blossoms she will put forth so I can harvest and dry. See, you can talk to plants. They obviously are listening.

The Black Beauty zucchini's are popping their little leaves through. Come July I'll be wondering what to do with all the dark green fruits and reminding myself not to plant so many next season. I've frozen zucchini, but, I don't like how mushy it becomes, even if I bake it in one of my zucchini quiches. The texture just gets too odd for me.
Good thing I have some veggie loving friends!

The lettuce and spinach have been producing far beyond my expectations. I have savoured every bite I've harvested!

The Blue Lake and Royal Burgandy bush beans have started to come out to say hello and remind me it won't be long before they will grace my table also. I ask, can you really ever have too many string beans?

No, do not adjust your monitor. Here's a very crooked shot of the turnips (in need of desperate grooming) and the cabbage and broccoli. I was late with my cole crops and I'm hoping we don't get too hot too quick and they bolt. I guess I'll find out, huh?

The little fig tree has new growth and I'm glad to see this. I've never grown figs. I know nada about figs. By coincidence, Thomas over at A Growing Tradition just had a post about figs and where to look for help in growing them in containers. Thanks Thomas! Your timing couldn't have been better.

And now, just for a grin, I bring you a flying spider. Not really - she was spinning a line in mid-air and thought it was kinda cool. What can I say - I'm easily entertained....

The hubsters and I will have a full weekend to catch up here around the homestead. I still have things to plant, beds to weed, and we will be mulching the raised garden paths. That will probably eat up most of the weekend, but, we'll manage to get over to some friends near beautiful Harper's Ferry, West Virginia for some food on the grill and of course, music. We'll be sitting in their backyard playing tunes and watching the sun go down over the mountain. It will remind me to stop and breathe for a moment and be thankful to be surrounded by such lovely views and lovely friends.


  1. I have only a year-and-a-half of gardening experience under my belt, but it seems to me that gardening is half finding patience when things seem to grow SOOOO slowly, and half amazement at how fast everything grew when you weren't looking. Enjoy your weekend - it sounds wonderful!

  2. Good to know my chickens are behaving normally standing in the rain. Love your garden. Beautiful!

  3. I agree with Callie--What a lovely garden!! I am also envious of your Yarrow--I have grown it for years and had no idea that it grew to that height--I must that variety!!
    We're headed over the border to Martinsburg for lunch with our friends--I'll think of you when I pass through Harpers Ferry--I love it over there!!

  4. I just read somewhere that yarrow speeds up decomposition in a compost pile, so I'm adding that to comfrey and stinging nettles for me compost feed herbs.

    Pretty roses!

  5. Everything looks so neat and tidy! My beans have been germinating terribly this year. And I'm just glad my lettuce is starting to taste better. We'll have to compare fig notes this summer!

    Oh, I was thinking of freezing my excess zucchini to put in soups during the winter. Given your experience, maybe I'll dehydrate thin slices of them instead!

  6. Your garden is looking great!
    We had a fig tree for a year. It produced a lot of figs.
    The birds don't care if they are ripe or not though. ;)

  7. wow it all looks really good. I love the yarrow! you going to send me some when you harvest and dry?? lol