Friday, May 14, 2010

Peaceful Fridays.....

It looks to be a wonderful weekend here in the Mid-Atlantic area.
My lavender is happy and still slowly growing...

The blueberries are plumping up nicely...

The Iris is having a good laugh...

The lupines are showing off...

And, no, you're not seeing something from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This is just one of my poppies grinning 'cause it's Friday and going to be a lovely weekend to boot.
What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have Mother Nature on your side and can get out and about or will you be snuggling inside with a book, good music, and a great glass of wine?
Either way is a winner.
Have a peaceful weekend, y'all........

*I'll be catching up on the activities here at the homestead hopefully early next week. Life has been busy and damn inconvenient and has had the audacity of getting in the way of the fun stuff*


  1. Well here in OZ it is sunny as usual and the Autumn weather is lovely - cooler days ( 25 degrees) and chilly nights ( 8-10 degrees). It is lovely to be able to sleep with blankets and snuggle in and be cosy.
    But all that fine weather makes the garden dry so we'll be out and about splashing some precious water around this weekend

  2. I have really enjoyed seeing what you have growing and blooming right now, and your captions are perfect--They've really provided me with a much needed lift--Thanks for that!! I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!!

  3. That doesn't look like Rock Horror Picture Show- that looks like Audrey, from Little Shop of Horrors! Feed me, Seymour! Actually, I knew it was a poppy.

    It's supposed to be 74 and sunny tomorrow- pretty darn perfect!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I hope your weekend was a great one, mine was awesome. We seemed to have bypassed some storms and I got some much needed work done in the yard after my chickens went crazy and got in my herb garden. I could have killed them! lol. I think I pretty much managed to save everything, but they did destroy my tomato plants and I had to go buy some more. I pretty much had to replant,separate,repot just about all my herbs. Your iris is beautiful, i just love the way irises look on the inside! Your lavender looks great! I didnt have good luck with mine last year but it was looking pretty good till the chickens got ahold to it! Really enjoyed your photos!

  5. I stand corrected! You are right, Paula - Little Shop of Horrors!