Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ding dong...

was the sound of my doorbell at 6:30 this morning. Hmmm, someone's using the front door - that's the first clue we don't know them. Everyone we know comes to the back door.
Quick check of my clothing status - all good - tee shirt and jammy pants. Hubsters - not so good. That's all I say about that and the fact that clothing status resolved who would go to the door.
I reluctantly sat my coffee down, turned off the Weather channel and went to the door only to see through the side lights a County Sheriff. Great. He must have seen my last post about the poor state of my plant or my yard or my hair. Nope, wrong on all accounts - phew!
Seems some of the locals were out having a bit of fun last night and decided to annihilate most of the mailboxes in a rather large area of the county. Some boxes only had the doors damaged, some were bashed in but still standing, and a few of us lucky ones had total death.
So, guess what we get to add to our list of things to do?
I'm still trying to figure out why the Sheriff needed my full name and date of birth. Am I a suspect?
What I want to know is why my "fool proof" alarm system was not doing its duty...
I have three Shelties. Need I say more?
They must have been the most quiet mailbox bashers in history.


  1. That reminds me of when one Friday night when all the teenagers in the neighbourhood I lived in went crazy and stole the address numbers from a whole bunch of houses - not the numbers on the actual houses, but the numbers on the signs at the road. I remember thinking that if that was the worst our young generation could think of doing, we weren't in too bad shape... More destruction in your case, which is really too bad. Why do some people feel the need to wreck things? And why do mailboxes always bear the brunt?!

  2. I've seen this happen so many times, and I personally don't see what fun it would be to do this. We've not had this happen, but did have our first mailbox run over and then side-swiped. I do wonder what will do in the one we have now.

  3. Bummer. I wonder also why the cop needed your name and birth date. Knowing me, I probably would have asked him why he needed it, and if it was the law that I had to give it to him, since I hadn't done anything. But then, I'm known more for shooting off my mouth than my good judgment....

  4. I wish someone would bash ours. I need an excuse to get a pretty, fancy one. LOL You have an award on my blog!

  5. Bummer. I hate this mindless vandalism that goes on.

  6. I'm really sorry to hear that. I don't understand why kids have to do that.

    As far as the butter goes, I haven't found anything but ultra pasteurized, either. But I'm hoping when we next go to the farmer's market that I might be able to find some there. :)