Monday, May 17, 2010

If I had a magic wand.....

If I had her little wand, I would.....

wave it over this poor little plant and it would magically be re- potted and happy,

wave it over the rest of the peat pots that still need to be transplanted,

wave it in the air and make the wheelbarrows full of yard waste roll themselves to the compost bin then neatly put themselves away,

and, with one big swoop of the wand, it would cut my grass, finish weeding and mulching the perennial beds, put the hoses away, plant the rest of my warm season veg in my gardens, and then....
pour me a beer.
It's fun to escape reality every now and then and just dream.
Uh oh, dreamus interruptus.... the work phone just rang.
Gotta get back at it.


  1. while you're wishing, could I please win the lottery? the big lottery? I would very much like to not ever have to go back to work, please.

  2. If you find a magic wand at a yard sale or another place, get it for me will you?? I would love to have one too--But for now I'll have to settle on my husband!! :-)))
    Hope your week is off to a good start!!

  3. Oh, I think I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done this time of year. I've been thinking of Samantha's nose wiggle on "Bewitched" but a magic wand would do nicely, too!

  4. I often neglect house work, even when Mike asks me to handle some of it. Shame, I know. But I very seldom ignore the yard! I really enjoy it! I like all my plants, cutting the grass, burning the leaves....You need to get on those poor little plants.