Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time flies when you're having fun....

Or at least that's what I've been told. I think time is flying because I am busy more than having fun. Now, that's not to say I'm not having fun - I am. Well, at least as much as work will let me.
This past weekend, the hubsters and I were able to finally get outside and play homesteader. While I was working on pruning all the berry bushes, Doc aka the hubsters started putting together the new raised beds for the new garden area. All told, we were able to get 3/4 of the new beds built.
After reviewing our drawing of the new garden, we realized that the new compost bin would be better on the outside of the garden rather on the inside. No problem, I say. We can just rake out the contents, which isn't that much yet, then roll it. Um, easier said than done, especially since we forgot that we stuck pieces of rebar in the bottoms of the main support posts. In comes the mighty Kubota! Slide the bucket under the supports, loosen it all up, then flip! Ta da! We then wiggled it by hand to where it would permanently rest and then scooped the compost contents and dumped it back in the bins. Fifteen minutes and we were done. If we would have done this all by hand it probably would have taken a better part of the morning and the expletives would have been flying like swallows in the summer looking for bugs! Let me tell you, that's a LOT of flying!
Since we were able to tackle moving the new compost bins, we figured we'd go ahead and move the old one and finish spreading its beautiful gold around the garden. Once again, fifteen minutes and it was done.
Geesh, what will we do with all this spare time given to us by Kubota?
I think we'll figure it out.
Pics of the work in progress coming soon. Back to the feeding the Pharaoh...


  1. It's a backbreaking job putting those raised beds together isn't it - and then loading with top soil. We had our deliveries yesterday and I've been taking the odd half hour off work here and there to shove another wheelbarrow load in. Phew I'll be glad when I get to the fun part. I bet you second that!

    Jeanne X

  2. Sounds like you've well and truely got Spring Fever! I'm sure all that hard slog will be worth it and before very long too at the rate you're going.

  3. I don't have a place big enough to warrant a Kubota, and I couldn't afford one anyway. However, that said- I COULD STILL USE ONE!