Thursday, March 25, 2010

New garden progress....

Pictured above is the new garden addition we have been working on. It measures 40' x 40' which will be enclosed with a fence. This area will be all raised beds and the greenhouse.
Right now it's a hap-hazard arrangement, but, there is a method to our madness. Since we no longer have to take wheel barrow after wheel barrow of soil and compost one at a time, we've decided to lay out a bed, bring the tractor over with the contents to fill, dump, then move on to the next. We've just started the assembly line and hope to get most of them filled this weekend.

We are building a variety of sizes for the raised beds - some as small as 4' x 4' and others as long as 4' x 28'. We found 4' wide a comfortable width for working. The beds that will butt up along the fenceline will only be 2' wide since we will not be able to get to the other side.
We are making the beds out of pine. Cedar was just way out of budget considering the number of raised beds we will be constructing.

The larger square with the 4 x 4's is where the greenhouse will sit. The space between the greenhouse and the first bed leaves space for the rain barrel. It's a slight downhill slope, so, gravity should do us well in regards to watering with it.
Once we get further along, I'll take more pics so you can see the progress of the beds and what we will be planting in them. So exciting, I must add.

In the meantime, the cycle of life goes on and shares its' beauty.

What has this girl all stretched out????

Maybe she got a glance at this!
Don't worry little hen - it's just for chopping wood.


  1. Gee you sure are going to be busy with all those gardens full of growing vegies. You'll end up with so much produce you'll be drying and pickling and freezing and making jam and end up EXHAUSTED !!

  2. I think I could fit about ten of my garden into your plot! You are so lucky to have the room for a large greenhouse - sigh. Seeing your pics of the raised beds has reminded me that I really must post on my veg garden progress too, I will do so at the weekend when we manage to get out and do some more soil shovelling!

    Jeanne x

  3. Wow!! What a wonderful plan that is really going to be amazing when it's all done!! I will be "staying tuned!" :-)

  4. Now that's a garden.
    You'll have plenty to harvest throughout the Summer and into Fall...

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. And, yes, it will be a busy season! As my husband and I were working on these, he turned to me and said "you do realize how busy we'll be this fall" - I just grinned and said yes!
    Helen - we will be exhausted - but, it's a satisfied exhaustion!
    Susan - thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog.
    I'll keep everyone posted best that I can (and work allows) with the progress.
    Thanks again everyone!

  6. Oh, Toni, I am so impressed with all of this. Now when you get your beds all done, pleeease come over and do some for me. I'm trying to decide where I could fit some in. LOL! Love your blog; my first time here.

  7. Barbee - thanks for stopping by. Love your blog. I'm still catching up on your posts.