Thursday, March 4, 2010

Can I believe my eyes.....

Here is something I haven't seen in a very long time. The ground - bare earth - terra firma.
Could it really be true? Is it possible that the snow really will melt?
I'm allowing a wee bit of hope to wrap around my gray matter, but, I'm gonna stay grounded (no pun intended) here because we still have a lot of snow just laying about.
As I cursed the snow silently under my breath, he came to visit with about three of his friends. He knew the outdoorswoman in me is going just a little batty. He knew I needed another sign that Spring is really and truly on its way. So, he and his friends flew to my backporch and sat kindly on my railing and sang me a little song. The song of an upcoming season.
Bless his little Bluebird heart.....


  1. What a cute little bird! Today was finally sunny (okay, partly sunny, but no rain) so I spent it outside preparing a bed for raspberries, which I desperately want to get into the ground. I'm lucky that we have a lot of birds around here- maybe it's because we're as close as we are to the Willamette River, which is obviously a water source. But I get to hear lovely birdsong all day long, which I absolutely love. Come on Spring!!!

  2. What a great picture. I just love Blue Birds. We were in the sixties today; we are on the mend. I have a new Blue Bird house I need to get up in a hurry. I'm late.