Monday, March 8, 2010

Chicken melting.. not molting...

Sometimes I just don't get it.
My chickens seem to suffer from an affliction. Sun collapse syndrome. If they stand in just the right way in sunlight, they melt like the wicked witch of the west - slowly oozing onto the ground, wings spread to save themselves but they can't. They just keep melting.
After they've melted, they go into a trance like state.

The other chickens who have not melted come to see what's going on. Sometimes I think they regret it because they start to melt too!

Others just go about their daily chores as if nothing strange is going on in the henhouse.

Others try to look dignified - like it could never happen to them. And sometimes, they are successful and don't melt.

Speaking of things melting, we're making progress here. I don't think I'll be hosting any parties here on the decks anytime soon, but, at least I can see the furniture!

More and more I can see the "season of mud" about to begin.

And, signs of life under all that snow continued its cycle.
Kinda reminds me of a mailman - no matter rain, hail, sleet, or snow - they still continue to do their rounds.
Happy week everyone!


  1. First time I saw my chickens do that I got freaked out! They were all stretched out, a wing or two spread, one leg stuck out behind them. I thought something was wrong! LOL Just a stretch and a dust bath it turned out!

  2. Oh, that is what that's called; melting. My chickens do that also. It really makes them mad if anyone comes along and makes them move before they are ready.

  3. Crazy chooks hypnotizing themselves ! What next? Are you feeding them some sort of funny stuff that makes them go on a trip?

  4. I never knew that about chickens - how funny! They must have given you a fright the first time you saw them 'melt'.

    Hope the thaw continues!

    Jeanne x