Thursday, April 14, 2011

What chickens do when you're not home.....

 Hubster and I came home last night from the session at the local to find this.  Looks like the girls broke out of their jail cell.... er, a brooder.

 By the copious amounts of "schtuff" on the floor I'd say they'd been out most of the evening.

 Do they look nervous to you?

 Or maybe a little guilty?

 Or stupid? ( Na, how could you not love that face!)

Whatever, if anything they were feeling, it was entirely a team effort.  All six were out and roosting. I've got me a real set of jail birds here!  Maybe they were watching the telly while we were gone and got the idea from Cool Hand Luke?  Hmmm, I'll have to have a talk with them about appropriate television viewing!  I mean, after all, they should only be watching "G" rated shows!

Soon Hubsters had everyone tucked in for the night and all ended well, even if they did protest and squawk a little. 

Now, I need to show them what a mop is and how to use it!

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes concerning my back.  I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and hopefully I will get the okay this week to do a little gardening!

I also want to welcome all my new readers!  It still amazes me folks find my words and pictures interesting!
Once again, a heartfelt thanks for all the well wishes.  Its lightened up my grumpy mood immensely!


  1. Chickens love to roost! I love your pictures. Cheri

  2. Your chickens look pretty proud of themselves, I think. ;)
    "Look what we did. Aren't you proud?" Haha.

    Be careful, even gardening. Continue getting well, Toni. ♥

  3. Just an FYI - they have a roost in the brooder, but, decided to revolt even more and knocked it down! They were on a full revolution last night! :0)

  4. What gorgeous birds those are - so beautifully colour coordinated, too! Our chickie teenagers are carousing in their side-by-side brooders, too. Yesterday I heard an enormous racket, went running into the powder room to see what was going on and found all six birds in one brooder, eyes wide, necks all goose-like, and in the other brooder the chain-mounted feeder swinging wildly back and forth...

  5. Beautiful birds but I suggest setting up a "chicken-cam" so you can identify the ring leader.

  6. Funny how they couldn't roost with their tails on the other side of the wall....

  7. Love the photos, they made me smile! The chickens look like they are having a great time :)

  8. That is so funny! Of course, they're just doing what chickens do. :) You have some very pretty birds.

  9. I burst out laughing! That happened to us when we had chicks last June and kept them in our great room. we came home to some roosting and others walking under the piano! sooo funny

    happy day!