Friday, April 1, 2011

Peaceful Fridays.....

April fool....

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all............


  1. Hi Toni...oh goodness it looks like you got hit again. They were predicting snow here for Monday but I just checked and we look ok. Now they say it's going to be 88 on Sunday and then down to 53 on Monday. I'm not looking forward to hot muggy days but it would be wonderful to just have some nice moderate sunny days for a while. Oh well it could be worse I guess. I hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :) PS...hope your back is feeling a bit better.

  2. We had a brief taste of sunshine yesterday and now it's raining - again! - today. That's our April Fool...

    I wish you a peaceful weekend, too - take care of your back!

  3. Oh good. It's snowing at your house so now you don't have to fret that you're not outside doing something constructive (or destructive, as the case may be).

    Have a terrific and pain free weekend!

  4. Hope you have a blessed weekend. ♥

  5. Maura, the one nice thing about a late snow is that it disappears quickly! We had snow yesterday morning, too, and it was gone by 2pm. But, I'm with you on wanting some sunny, moderate days!

    Miriam, we've been drizzly inbetween the snow showers, too. Very gray and raw.

    Paula, I thought that same exact thought yesterday morning when I woke and saw snow on the ground.

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes about my back. I'm seeing an improvement already, but, it will be a while before I'm ready for prime time. The dear hubsters when and bought empty planting trays for me so I can sit and plant flower seedlings whilst I'm on the mend. Boy, does that man know me or what! This will help dispel some of the boredom and antsy-ness.

  6. What a cruel April Fool’s joke you got. It is so pretty though :) Thanks for sharing gal!!

  7. i am really looking forward in watching your gardens! we have what i call the 'big man garden' that my husband and his brother tend to. isn't as nice and neat as yours.

  8. Snow! Hmmmm...well, that'll take the gardening motivation right out of a girl, won't it?
    Wishing you warmer (snow free) days soon!

  9. Ya know, there is something peaceful about snow.

  10. Spring certainly is a strange time of year. You're sharing your snow and I had eighty degrees today! Hope it's all melted and you're turning green also.

  11. I'm hoping all that pesky snow has disappeared by now Toni.

    Take care of your poor back. I know only too well how that feels! NO more heavy lifting - pleeeese!!


  12. I see we were both visited by the snow fairy...
    Hope you're feeling better.
    Susan x

  13. Love the photos, you live at such a beautiful place!
    We got more snow too, and then the rain came, so almost all snow is gone now. Still it doesn't feel much like spring yet, I hope for more sunshine and new growth.

    Hope you are feeling better, Toni. Take good care of your back!