Monday, March 21, 2011

The wee little things of Spring....

 It must be Spring - little things are popping up all over the place.
Meager beginnings I hope will turn into a fruitful harvest.

 Wee baby lettuce just popping their little heads up to say hello to Spring.

 There is something about the emergence of seeds.  It's primal, it's survival, it's nurturing, it's surprising, it's damn good eats!  After all my years of gardening, I never cease to get excited by the growth cycle.  Not quite as exciting as your first born, but, pretty darn close!  haha

Chicks are another thing I never tire of watching them grow.  It simply amazes me how fast they grow!  Before you know it, they'll be making the trip out to the "big girl pad" with the other groovy big girls learning to scratch around, build a nest, and ultimately, lay an egg.

This new bunch of girls are rowdy - like, wake me up in the middle of the night rowdy.  They somehow feel 2am is party time.  They totally wreck the brooder like a rock band at a Holiday Inn!  Water fonts overturned, pine chips flung all about the brooder, loud chirps, squeals, and squabbles. 

They always look very ashamed of themselves when I come down to see what all the commotion is about, but, just like any pre-pubescent youngster, they start right at it the minute you turn your back!

Tell me, what is a chicken mother to do?


  1. Hi Toni! You've given me a good grin with your 'party chicks!' Oh to be young again and awake in the wee-hours of the morning!! Soon enough they'll be worn out and ready for bed like the rest of us!! :-))

    Hope you're doing well, and your week is off to a good start!!!

  2. Ai yi yi! Maybe the hall bathroom is not such a good place to put the brooder after all. Miriam over at Mucky Boots Farm has the same issue with her adolescent chicks- evidently they all like to party hearty all night long!

  3. LOL that's cute about the young chickens...I can just picture them whispering to each other to 'be quiet or Mom will come down!" I'm SO looking forward to getting into the garden this year. It seems like this was a VERY long winter and I'm ready to dig in the dirt. This year I'm starting from scratch on our flower gardens...should be fun...once I can get DH out there to do some tilling for me. Oh will happen once we're done the bathroom renovations. One thing at a time. I hope your week is a good one so far. Maura :)

  4. Very cute and funny.

    I like how my chicks play tag, but the don't understand the concept of who is "it". I could watch them for hours.

    This will be our first year for gardening. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Haha. Thanks for the cute post, Toni.
    And the warning! I'm thinking maybe our first chickens should be already grown. ;)

  6. Your chicks are so cute! Never a dull moment with chickens around. And your seedlings look fantastic too. :)

  7. yellow feet...arhhhh

    a sign of spring!

  8. Your seedlings are coming along nicely, Toni, it's looking great! I have sown seeds too, and they are sprouting and growing, soon I'm out of places to keep the pots :)

    Sweet chicken, love the story and the photo!

  9. Your girls are so cute,It's amazing the different stages as they grow til that wonderful day that you get your first Egg!Cheri