Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How could you not.....

fall in love with her?.......

I am still sorting out my recovered files from 2009 and came upon this lovely photo of Fionnghuala.  She's about four months old in this shot, and, if memory serves me correctly, she had just finished a zoomy around the porch.  Now she's looking at me so innocently!

I'm off to the chiropractor tomorrow to have my back looked at after I hurt it weekend before last lifting 60lb bags of leaf compost into my car.  I felt it go "bing" after I lifted the first bag, but, being the stubborn woman I am, I went and loaded the remaining seven.  Well, this time stubborn is not paying off - it's going to make me pay out!  To the doctor, that is! 

When will I learn not to listen to my brain at my age and start listening to my body?

I get what I deserve and let me tell you, the garden is having a big ol' laugh because I can't get out there and do something I love the best - dig, plant, and just play in the dirt!

Okay, pity party over.  Back to cute puppy pictures....


  1. Hope you are feeling much better. Take it easy and maybe you will be able to go out and just sit ing the garden and make plans... or go sit in the dirt and have fun?

  2. Just to adorable. Hope the chiro helps.

  3. Oh your little girl is just precious!!! There is nothing like a sweet puppy face!!!

    I hope your back feels better!! We have all overdone it from time to time, and unfortunately, it'll happen again...Take care!!

  4. Fionnghuala is definitely the cutest thing I've seen all day! What a charmer!

    I wish I knew the secret to listening to my body - if i did I would not only save myself some grief, I'd pass the secret on to you, too! In the meantime, try some ice...

  5. What a cute baby. I miss having a dog, I really do. It's been almost a year. Love your girl.

    I have to admit that I LOVE asking folks at the stores to get something into the car for me, hee hee.

    No more ignoring the signs! Better yet- don't make your body give you any. Ask for help!

  6. There's just something about wanting to be independent, I think, that makes us not want to ask.
    But I do ask, or take help, when I get bagged rocks. Now I need to start doing it for dirt, too.

    Take care and get well soon!