Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chubs the cat.....

Chubs the cat.

This is Chubs the cat, the latest addition here at the homestead.  I don't know how Chubs wound up here, but, I'm surmising she was dumped somewhere in the vicinity and gravitated toward our little place.  I first noticed her in January hiding in the shadows of the sheds watching my toddles back and forth to the coop. After a few days, she was still sticking around, so, I started to put food and water out for her.  This is how I got the first clue that she was probably dumped.  As soon as I walked away from the food bowls, she came over to eat.  There was not a lot of hesitation coming to the bowls so that told me she knew what they were and had been fed by humans at sometime in her life.  Also the fact that she is quite rotund is another clue, too.

Since she was sticking around I went ahead and called the local humane society to see if any one was looking for a cat.  I wasn't surprised when they told me no, but, I left my name and number with them on the off chance someone would call.  I also put an add in the local paper under the lost and found for a few weeks, and again, I wasn't surprised that I didn't receive a call.

Time has passed and Chubs has warmed to me and now greets me with sweet meows and leg rubs.  She will let me pet her and has started to let me pick her up, briefly.  I need to finish getting her trust so I can go have her vetted.  I'm almost there, but, not quite yet.  At least she let me feel around her chubbiness so I could see if I had a pregnant cat on my hands, and, good news is no - just chubby!

So, to my delight, I now have a helper in the morning going to the coop to take care of the girls.  She circles my legs on the entire walk to the coop (she must have been watching the dogs) and even goes in the coop and run to help with feeding and watering.  The girls don't mind her any longer and see her as part of the family now, too.  With that being said, Chubs and I are off to take care of the hens!

Happy Sunday, everyone....


  1. Oh, this is a sweet post. I love Chubs! You are kind for accepting her. That's so sad that someone would dump off such a beautiful long haired cat. Is she all matted and knotty? Don't long-haired cats get all tangled from not being brushed? Both my 2 cats are short hairs, but previously I had a long-haired female cat who got the worst tangles, sometimes I'd have to cut them out. And she was inside only! And the fact that you can pick her up, and she is already so friendly, tell me she was owned. I have a former feral named Shadow, it took almost a year for her to come up and rub against our legs. And picking her up is still a major scary ordeal.

    Good luck with Chubs, the beautiful little lion!

  2. I am so glad there are people in the world who will adopt abandoned animals - it gives me hope. Good for you! Chubs sounds like a sweetie.

  3. This story reminds me of Danni over at Critter Farm adopting George, who was also dumped. Actually, George was abandoned when his owner just left the neighborhood. I don't get some people.

    I was very glad that George and Danni found each other, and I'm very glad that you and Chubs have found each other too. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  4. Such a beautiful cat. I don't understand why anyone would want to drop her off.
    I really wish people would just take them to a shelter.
    Our last cat we got from a shelter. She had apparently lived wild or got dumped when she got pregnant. She had been at the shelter for a while before we saw an adoption ad. We got her just in time.

    That was 2 years ago. She lets us take her to the vet, but she still doesn't really like to be held.

    Glad you and Chubs found each other though! :)

  5. I love this post! Chubs is such a beautiful cat, and so nice to hear that she found you. You are very kind to take care of her, Toni!

    Good luck :)

  6. That name and that photo brought a grin to my face. She certainly is a pretty cat.

    I wanted to thank you for directing me to photos of your kitchen. What a difference in the before and after! You did a great job with it. (I really like your hutch.)

  7. Lucky Chubs. I don't understand people dumping animals when they could just give them in to a shelter. Good on you for taking her in. In Australia we have a huge problem with feral cats killing our native wild life because of cats allowed to breed and go wild.

  8. I'm glad Chubs found a good home. I just cannot get why people dump animals.

  9. Oh Toni, Chubs is really a lovely full-figured gal!!!! I'm so glad she found her way to you--They really do just seem to know where they can find safety, a good meal and someone to care about them!!!

  10. Ah Chubs has found herself a great home with you Toni.

    I don't understand people for dumping animals - there are so many shelters they could take them to - and as for not neuturing them - well that's just downright neglect in my book! When they cleared the site to make way for the 2012 Olympic stadium in London, the place was running alive with hundreds of feral cats. So tragic and totally unnecessary.

    Chubs is a beautiful cat - so glad you found each other.


  11. She reminds me of our cat, Skid. Kudos to you for taking her in! I wish our cat was nice to our chickens. :)