Friday, February 18, 2011

Peaceful Fridays.....

Wanted - one border collie to help crazy lady running in circles.
Only experienced border collies need apply.
Besides organizational skills, applicant must provide tail wags and little doggy kisses.

Have a peaceful, organized weekend, y'all..........

*cartoon from the Farside collection*


  1. Gosh, how I miss Gary Larson! His cartoons always hit their mark with me. :-)
    Are you really in the market for a border collie? Happy weekend to you.
    (p.s. I ♥ Guinness!) lol

  2. Frankie, our Australian Shepherd, has no tail for wagging, and doesn't kiss much, and doesn't know anything about herding sheep....but he's a master at making us feel better about the world when we're feeling frazzled! Nothing like doggy love to help us re-establish our priorities.

    Hope your weekend brings you some peace and calm!

  3. Dog posts just make me miss my dog....I really need to get the front yard fenced!

  4. Farmgirl - No, I'm not in the market for another dog (I have three herding/house dogs) but when I came across this cartoon, it just struck a chord that I needed someone to help me from spinning in crazy circles at this time in my life! haha.

    Miriam - I couldn't agree more, although my three have been slacking off lately. Hmmmm...wonder what's up with that!

    Paula - to be honest, I don't think I could ever be without a dog. I've had a dog since I was 7 years old.