Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bee surprise.....

The hubsters got a phone call this week from the husband of one of our friends who comes to hear us play at the session about putting a hive on our property!

Back in the fall, we had a cookout/jam here at the house and most folks brought their families along to enjoy the evening.  Pretty much everyone took a stroll around the homestead and obviously on this gents stroll he found a place to put a "satellite" hive for his main hive not too far away.  Bottom line - he's coming over later this week to discuss putting the hive in and what we will need to do (and not do) to help him keep the hive here.

The hubster and I have talked about bee keeping, but, that's as far as it went because quite frankly, I'm a little leary of the stinging buggers!  I'm not flat out allergic, but, I do react quite a bit by honey bee stings.  So, with that being said, I'm excited and nervous all at the same time!

We are fortunate here at this little homestead in that the honey bee population seems to be on the rise and considering the problems honey bee's are facing, that's a very good sign that a hive would be very successful here.  The world needs pollinator's and if we can do our small part to help them thrive I say bring them on!!

Fingers and toes crossed for us, everybody!  And, we'll keep you posted.

*image taken from the net*


  1. Mmmmm - honey! I'm looking forward to hearing how this develops!

  2. If it makes you feel any better, a few years ago I took a beekeeping class from a guy who keeps bees in Portland; he had two or three hives in his front yard, and two or three hives in his backyard, and his wife is allergic to bees. He's been keeping bees for over ten years and his wife has never had a problem.

    You could always keep an Epi-pen on hand.

    Good luck; I hope you get them!!

  3. We've thought about this too--But just like everything else, I don't think we're quite ready to do it, so will live vicariously through people like you!!

  4. We were afraid of bees at first, when a friend set up her hives. But they really never bother us. Bees harvest from a 5-mile radius, so they're off in the fields.

    And the honey? Amazing. Good luck!