Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having a laugh.....

The moon and I are having a laugh.  A secret laugh.

We know this will be the last snowfall for us.  So we laugh our secret laugh, just the two of us.
Would you like to laugh with us?

Ah, but at the end of the day, it's just a wee bit snow, so.....


  1. Pretty picture! We have had no sprinklings this year, which is a tiny bit of a disappointment. I can't say it never snows in Portland; a couple of years ago we had a series of freak storms that dumped fourteen inches in the area and pretty much shut things down. But I like a little snow to make things pretty, like your picture.

    It probably won't snow again really good until I finally get a job and have to commute in it....

  2. Holy smokes - more snow! We're scheduled for some wet rain/snow a few days this week and I am so frustrated - more delays for the garden! But if it looked as beautiful as your picture, maybe I wouldn't be so mad...

  3. I was a bit saddened by our lack of snow this morning in Loudoun County, but it was only because the man who is supposed to plow our driveway, is the husband of our dog walker (did you follow that?) and they just had a baby so they need the extra money...Yeah, that's why snow would have been okay... ;-)))

  4. I love the photo, Toni! So beautiful and peaceful.
    We have lots of snow here too.

  5. May your laughter bloom in to springtime!