Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The witch, the wardrobe, minus the lion.....

Night has fallen thickly tonight around the homestead and without the light of the full moon it feels almost like a foreign land.

I stand alone in the darkness listening to the sublime quiet of the evening. I breathe deep the cold, crisp winter air. No hint of snow as I smell. Are you one of the lucky ones who can smell the weather? the dense, humid air of winter and the possibility of precipitation?

I love the inner intuition and the lore that is stored somewhere deep in my subconscious, coming from unknown sources, but, knowing it is there, at the ready for my body to perceive. Sometimes it's a smell, sometimes it's a feeling that my body automatically tunes into. It's something that can't be readily explained - you just know.

A fox barks at the edge of the meadow and I smile as I listen to it call for a mate. No worries tonight for the hens as for they are locked securely in their little coop, snuggled together for a night of sweet chicken dreams. Perhaps they are dreaming of fresh, green grass and cracked corn?

Moments pass as I stand in the dark - in awe and a slight fear of not having sight to see deep into the meadow. I let my imagination take over my psyche for just a few seconds and in less than a blink of an eye, I relax and feel a familiar warmth - the warmth of being home, with my feet planted firmly on a piece of ground being lent to me by a much larger force. The longer I stay connected to this piece of earth, the more relaxed I become. I feel an energy that is inexplicable to the human mind and I embrace this unknown force. It's the energy I felt the moment I set foot upon this land.

Welcome to Narnia....where the only thing missing is the lion.....

*Our little plot of ground is legally registered as Narnia-little did we know when we bought it, but, it sure explains a lot*


  1. A lovely post that shows how connected we can be to all the things around us if we just stop for a moment to listen and feel...

  2. What a poet you are! This is a beautiful post, one that I will keep coming back to - you have put into words such deep feelings that I think many of us share. Thank you! [And your land was named Narnia? How magical is that!]

  3. Toni, after delivering hogs in Chicago today I treated myself to some bangers and mash at O'Shaughnessy's pub. It was dark, gray and raining. Perfect Irish weather . I was all alone. Twas wonderful. Made me miss my fav part of the isle, the Burren.

    What part are ye from ?

  4. Loved this post Toni. How wonderful that your land was known as Narnia. Serendipity at work here!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!