Friday, December 3, 2010

Peaceful Fridays.....

Hello everyone. My name is Fionnghuala, or, just call me Nuala like my Mom. She says it rhymes with hula - like a hula hoop. My Mom gave me this name when I was just a wee little girl because I had white shoulders and that's what Fionnghuala means in Irish. She should have named me Hoover or Chow Hound because I love food. I'll eat anything. Sometimes when she's not looking I'll sneak some licks from the empty yogurt bowls.... yummm....

See, what I do is quietly stake out my position and when she's not looking I'll do a quick lick. If I take my time and can be real stealthy, I'll be able to lick the bowl clean!

If she turns around I'll hop on the sofa and pretend she woke me up from a nap.
I think it's fun to do and even though I hate to admit it, it's very cat-like. Teehee...
I'm such a smart girl. That's my sheltie genes coming through. My border collie genes give me my sly quickness and agility. Boy, I sure do have the best of both! And, I have the best Mom a sweet little pup like me could ever ask for!

So, my goal this weekend is to see how many yogurt bowls I can lick clean...

What's your goal for this weekend?

Whatever it is, just have fun like I do, and,

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all......


  1. Beautiful dog.
    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. I miss having a dog!

    Well, it looks like we're going to have cold but clear weather, so I'm getting out in my garden and cleaning things up and checking things out. Maybe some harvesting. The kale looks good from the living room window...

    have a good weekend!

  3. You can have the yogurt bowls. I'm going for the Christmas cookies!You're so pretty, Nuala!

  4. My goal this weekend is to learn how to pronounce "Fionnghuala". Okay, so it rhymes with hula - but what about the rest of it?!!

    She is a charmer, that's for sure!

  5. Nuala, I love your name by the way - I enjoyed your post - I have a dog called Finn who worships food much as you do.

  6. So good to be properly introduced to you Nuala. I have seen you around the Homestead and remember your very pretty markings!

    So how many bowls did you manage ...?

  7. Nuala you're beautiful and I love your love of yogurt! I can see you like to eat healthy. :)

    Happy Holidays!