Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice.....

Winter Solstice - the re-birth of the Sun.
Many flock to sacred sites around the world to be part of this magical moment.

The above photo's were taken in Ireland at Newgrange and Knowth in 2009 on our last visit.

The history of these places are awe-inspiring just as the re-construction is controversial. You can Google to read about all the good factual bits on Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, and the Hill of Tara.

There are many others throughout Ireland and Europe for that matter that are just as important, yet, tourist do not flock to them.

Queen Maeve's Henge
Hill of Uisneach
The Witch's Chair

Many more that the board of tourism doesn't promote.
I can assure you that they were visited by many this Solstice morning - and a magical one at that with the Lunar Eclipse taking place as well.
Here's to a magical day....


  1. wow ! I was just cruising the web and saw this pic of Newgrange out of the corner of my eye. Had to read your blog. I've been there and a few other places in my 11 trips to the island of Eire. Now after seeing your blog I am homesick all over again. Nice going...I'm still going to add your blog to my favorites list.

  2. What incredibly beautiful photographs! The places actually LOOK magical.

    Happy Solstice ~ I think I shall spin today...

  3. More great photos! I am soooo ready for the return of the sun - it's usually grey all winter out here on the West Coast, but ever since we moved to the country and I started to be more aware of the change of seasons, I have been amazed at how really dark it is this time of year. So it is lovely to have turned the corner. Next stop: spring!

  4. When we lived in Alaska I looked forward to December 21st--Not just because of the great sales the stores had, but because I knew that we would start gaining light--It's what kept me going!!

    I hope you're doing well, and I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable holiday Toni!!

  5. What a fabulous series of photos from such a magical place!

    Solstice blessings to you and your family!