Sunday, December 18, 2011

Peaceful Pillows....

Every year for the holidays I try to make something special to give.
Sometimes it's jams or herbs I've grown and canned myself, or small wall quilts, but, whatever it is, it's made by my hands. 
This year I was at a loss and was grateful when a little light went off in my head to do something with lavender.
I was able to get a pound of locally grown organic lavender buds and some quilters batik fabric.  I hadn't a plan, but, the photo's are the end result.

I made the tags on the computer, tied them in bundles of three with ribbon, and viola - handmade gifts.
I love when the universe lets things fall into place.


  1. You are wonderfully talented, Toni. They look like wonderful gifts!
    Merry Christmas! :-)

  2. The lavender pillows are wonderful, Toni :) Well done!

  3. Now I wish I had been nicer to you this past year ! Seriously...they are gorgeous