Friday, December 16, 2011

Peaceful Fridays.....

Music is a part of my being. 
In times of soul searching, it has saved me, healed me.
It connects me, grounds me.

Sometimes I feel myself become part of the vibrations from wood and wire.
My fingers play the emotions that my lips will not speak.

Unspoken energy sent out to all who will listen.
What a joy to share.

Have a peaceful weekend, y'all....


  1. I am lucky to live in a house that's full of music - some from me (I sing) and most from Kim (who plays guitar and banjo) - and it's part of what makes this house a home. I know exactly what you mean about the energy, and the vibration.

    May there be much music in your weekend!

  2. You all, too, Toni. Thank you. ♥ :-)

  3. My fingers play the emotions that my lips will not speak.


  4. I haven't made music in a very long time, but a long time ago, I did, and it was usually with other people. There is a connection that creating something with other people brings, and nothing else replaces it, except maybe intimacy with another person. Maybe that's why they call it making beautiful music together....but it's really all about connection.

    May you connect with that which you want.