Friday, January 6, 2012

Unpeaceful Friday.....

I'm not a big news junkie, so, sometimes I'm a day or so behind in what's happening in the world.
When I saw this new story, I had to share.  This is in the next county over from me.

Whoever did this should be ashamed, but, people like this do not know shame.  Only brutalilty.
I hope they find the shooter soon.

To the kind heart who opened her heart and farm for the unwanted, I hope that you can find peace during this awful moment.


  1. for all the misguided and sad and angry people in this world... there is least another ten fold who are good and decent!
    thank godness for that

  2. Whoever did this should be found, arrested, arraigned, tried and convicted. Not cool.

  3. Heartbreaking!! So sad!!
    Hope they catch the person who did this.