Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What it is like....

to go out in the early evening after the rains have abated,
stand in the middle of your yard in green, green grass
while a dozen or more dragon flies twirl, dip, and flutter
all around you - celebrating the sun and displaying their sheer joy of just being?

It's a little piece of heaven here on earth.
A priveledge that nature decided to share.



  1. Dragonflies are just magical - I had one in the greenhouse the other day and it seemed like a creature from another universe.

    I'm so glad that even after all your weather-related ordeals, nature can seem like it's giving you gifts instead of wallops!

  2. It usually smells great after a rain, too. :)

  3. it lovely to be easily pleased.... take a note the youth of today!