Saturday, August 13, 2011

Discoveries that make you smile.....

For the past couple of years we have had a breeding pair of Green Herons put their doormat out and call our little plot home.  They are fun to watch, curious about us, and very talkative, though somewhat elusive at the same time.

The year we built the chicken coop, they sat up high in the pines and watched our construction, voicing their opinions when they felt like it.  If one of us would trot back to the house to get a tool or other supply, it was not unusual for one of them to fly to a pine closer to the house where they could continue to watch you.

This morning I was sitting quietly on the back porch when I noticed movement of pine boughs out of the corner of my eye.  Lo' and behold, three juvenile green herons were peeking out over the yard!  I don't know if they have fledged yet, but, they were hopping on the pine boughs like a game of hide and seek.
I stood there for a moment, smiling.  Even though our busy lives continue, nature's cycles go on to create and be part of the circle of life whether we observe them or not.  I cannot believe our good fortune in witnessing these young birds.

It's a discovery that make you smile.....

(Hubsters took a couple of pics.  I'll try to post them later)

Oh, and by the way, have a peaceful weekend, y'all........


  1. Toni, I totally agree, how exciting to have Green Herons nesting on your property and be able to watch them and see the cycle of life continue!

    I hope you're doing well, and enjoying your weekend!!

  2. Reading this made me smile, Toni :) How lovely to have green herons on your property. They are magnificent birds. Beautiful photo!

    Have a great new week :)